Modular Wall System

Walls in a matter of seconds with Scenario®

The Scenario® temporary modular wall system is a user-friendly wall technology permitting unlimited design configurations. Imagine completing a combination of wall configurations in a matter of moments using a series of full height or stackable modules from Scenario® and being able to spend more time focusing on your display content. A tool-less system with radius edges that allow for any variation of angles and permitting easy assembly. So simple and intuitive that it does not require any training.

Modular Wall System for Exhibits
Modular wall system - display

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Don’t limit Scenario® to a simple wall – consider it also as framework for more elaborate designs or possibly other purposes such as; display cases, plinths or podiums and counters. Create a closed office space with doors.
Modular Wall System - Podiums
Modular Wall System - temporary counter
closed office with modular walls
Modular Wall System

The simplest ideas are usually the best ideas

Reduce time and stress while respecting your budget with Scenario's modular wall system. The modules can be installed at different angles from 0 to 360 degrees, side by side, one above the other or in polygon shapes thanks to the peg connection principle. Versatile and easy to install, these modules will allow you to create the perfect configuration for your exhibit in record time.

Modular Wall - Attachments
System flexibility
Modular Wall System - Peg connectors

Create walls in museums, galleries,
trade shows and showrooms.

modular exhibition walls
Modular Wall System
Modular Wall System

Complete the look with stylish add-ons.

Modular Wall System
modular wall system - shelf
Modular Wall System

Lighting, shelves, brochures displays, picture hooks, lockable display cases, doors, etc - a wide range of accessories in the same aesthetic design is available with the Scenario® wall system.

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Standard Panel Sizes

Custom Sizes are available as well.



The Perfect Solution for Temporary Exhibitions

The Scenario® modular wall system is perfect for small and large temporary exhibitions. With this system, you'll set up your exhibit quickly and effortlessly. Contact us to learn more about Scenario® or our Mila-wall® moveable wall system. Complete your exhibit with museum display cases and bring any surface to life with our surface covering selection. If you need furniture rentals or graphic and display services, we can help.