Wall System
by Mila-Wall®

Your Exhibit Solution!

Creating Space as an Art Form!

No matter the space it is necessary that it be optimized. Whether large or very small, creating an environment that optimizes its purpose can be its own art form. Our high quality, sustainably produced moveable wall system affords the creator an occasion for design & creative flexibility to optimize any room, any time. A modular wall solution system that lends an additional degree of autonomy to the set designer, project manager, installer.  With a combination of durability, easy of assembly, aesthetics, and economy. Mila-wall® has its place in your space.

Thinking walls… Think moveable wall system by Mila-wall®!

Mila-wall® series 100 / 160

The Mila-wall® system Series 100 – Series 160 is constructed from an aluminum frame for rigidity and durability. The honeycomb core contributes to a low weight module easily handled and assembled with only two assembly personnel. Allowing for an aesthetic, sustainable long-lasting solution, pleasing to the eye with endless possibilities, configurations and applications. Imagine having more control over your projects, what they look like, how and when they are assembled, dismantled and starting all over again and again and again…

Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall 100 /160 series

• Thickness 40 mm / 60 mm
• Tongue & groove technology
• Invisible aluminum edge protection
• Stacked up to 6 m in height
• Connection to two story structures
• Demonstrated durability in trade fair and exhibition use

Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall 100 /160 series
Moveable Wall System by Mila-Wall

Mila-wall® Moveable Wall System: Move. Dismantle. Reconfigure. 

Reassemble anywhere, anytime you want. Imagine a system that allows you to optimize your own floor plans, maximize the use of your space however you would like and then having the ability to execute your own assemblies. Imagine not needing to rely on building contractors, building permits, specialized tools. A modular, de-mountable, paintable and yes, even nail-able solution, for your event space requirements.

Mila Wall - corner
Mila Wall - T
Mila Wall - V
Mila Wall - Y
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall
Mila Wall - angle
Mila Wall - leg
Mila Wall - Light
Mila Wall - construction

Mila-wall® Accessories

Mila-wall® portable wall panel system offers many options to maximize your space with angled connectors, stabilizing feet and it is sturdy enough to handle nails. Add some lighting and you are good to go. Thinking walls, think Mila-wall®!

Mila Wall - hook
Mila Wall - load bearing
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall 840 Series

Mila-wall® Series 840

Different solutions for every scenario but still the same system. Mila-wall® Series 840 is the same wall system concept as both Series 100 and Series 160. The big difference with this series is that it is made from a wood frame to reduce cost and make available to help scale into client projects and budgets. Almost all Series 100 accessories and components are compatible with the Series 840. Used entirely throughout a project or in combination with Series 100. The wall comes complete with tongue and grove fittings and share the same type of connectors. The walls are nail-able, paint-able and have levelling feet to adjust to all environments.

Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall 840 Series

Do you want to make your next exhibit set up effortless while saving in the long run?
Our Mila-wall® moveable wall system might be the solution for you. To learn more about this product, please fee free to contact us.

Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall - Example

Create walls easily
with Mila-wall® Moveable Wall System!

Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall - Example
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall - Example
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall - Example
Moveable Wall System - Mila Wall - Example

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The Mila-wall® portable wall system will help you set up your next exhibit effortlessly. You'll even be able to reuse your walls as they are constructed for long-term use with repairable, recyclable materials. Contact us to learn more about our Mila-wall® moveable wall system or our Scenario temporary modular wall system.  We also offer surface coverings to bring your walls to life with textures or prints as well as museum display cases and furniture rentals.