Software CURA-3D

Accurately – Quickly – Easily – Creatively – Prepare and Plan your Exhibit
A faster, easier solution software for event planning

Mila-Wall designer is the answer to being just a few steps away from having your ideas transferred to a scale-accurate 3-dimensional plan that you can share and work with. Quickly and easily transfer your ideas into a to scaled layout that is displayed with exact dimensions of the room or space that you had planned it for. A realistic representation of your ideas that will help you better plan and communicate the requirements of an event. Import your building plan or the exhibit space in your building and safe save it as a new standard with accurate measurement of walls, entrance ways, window openings and archive for repeated use. Place your walls in the desired location and configuration, color code modules and surfaces.

Link to existing databases

Linking to your existing database of display assets, Cura 3-D allows you to enhance your planning by including to your wall configurations your art assets, existing lighting systems, art objects and display cases with a simple drag and drop feature. Dynamic Dimensioning produces accurate PDF outputs indicating the sizes and placement of each item placed, mounted or hung.