Plexiglass Barriers for Retail Environments

Safe interaction in retail stores and at service counters require a variety of plexiglass barrier options to ensure social distancing.

We have flexible options for sturdy and seamlessly designed plexiglass barriers and modular plexiglass wall dividers for retail environments or any public area with service counters.

Protective plexiglass barriers with and without opening available in two different sizes for your convenience.

We have a variety of options, including plexiglass desk dividers and divider panels on wheels, in multiple configurations for all types of businesses.

We are used to change and we can help you adapt!

Hunter Expositions has been building temporary structures for trade shows and special events all over North America for more than 30 years. We are used to change and we can help you adapt! We offer quality installation services upon request. Need help designing your retail environment that needs protective barriers? Contact us today for your Free Consultation.