beMatrix Available in Canada


Hunter Expositions Is Your Partner for beMatrix in Canada

Hunter Expositions specializes in designing flexible, custom modular trade show booths in Canada and the US.  Hunter Expositions works with the excellent beMatrix products to create lightweight, easy to set-up, reconfigurable trade show exhibits, that are easily transportable. 


Do you need to augment your existing beMatrix booth? Are you looking for beMatrix setup and/or storage in Canada? We can also create original graphics to integrate seamlessly with your beMatrix system.

Hunter Expositions can facilitate your presence at Canadian trade shows. We know the ins and outs of customs, paperwork, unionized labor, transport, and logistics to save you time, money, and hassle. We can provide custom trade show displays and on-site services in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and more.


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We've been in business for about, I've been in the industry for thirty years

00:00:02,639 --> 00:00:06,180
and Hunter Expositions exists since fifteen years ago

00:00:06,180 --> 00:00:12,240
We offer exhibitor-centric services to people who participate in trade shows, so

00:00:12,240 --> 00:00:18,680
that includes design, concept, some manufacturing, and all site services

00:00:18,680 --> 00:00:22,949
installation, dismantling, logistics because I'm Canadian

00:00:22,949 --> 00:00:27,359
a lot of the companies lean on us for the transportation, the customs, and the

00:00:27,359 --> 00:00:32,250
paperwork and the union labor and the U.S. rules and regulations and all that

00:00:32,250 --> 00:00:35,880
kind of stuff so probably close to 40 percent of the projects that we have

00:00:35,880 --> 00:00:39,870
come from customers who are participating in the United States. Most

00:00:39,870 --> 00:00:44,010
of them are Canadian some of them are European. beMatrix has expanded our realm

00:00:44,010 --> 00:00:52,980
of reach because of our physical limitations at the shop that we had, we had kind of like pigeon holed the type and size of exhibit

00:00:52,980 --> 00:00:58,129
company that we could handle physically handle. Having beMatrix has allowed us to

00:00:58,129 --> 00:01:03,080
to look at much much larger projects and know that we can handle it internally

00:01:03,080 --> 00:01:08,460
Not too recently in a very very small shop we were able to pull together a job

00:01:08,460 --> 00:01:11,850
that was twenty by eighty. We would have never been able to do that had it not

00:01:11,850 --> 00:01:15,689
been with with the help of the beMatrix system. No way we would have been able to

00:01:15,689 --> 00:01:20,970
prepare something that size in our little shop. And we've been able to cater

00:01:20,970 --> 00:01:24,240
outwards towards those people internationally, people who were coming

00:01:24,240 --> 00:01:28,500
from Europe to here but the opposite has also happened where through the beMatrix

00:01:28,500 --> 00:01:34,020
network of folks they've actually reached us and said - hey listen I'm an

00:01:34,020 --> 00:01:38,790
American company we're going to you know Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver we

00:01:38,790 --> 00:01:41,759
don't want to ship the material or we don't have the material to ship could

00:01:41,759 --> 00:01:45,299
we use your rental frames or could you produce graphics for us, or we're

00:01:45,299 --> 00:01:48,750
shipping the stuff up there could you give us a hand with some labor or some

00:01:48,750 --> 00:01:51,720
short-term storage and stuff like that and put all of that together for us in a

00:01:51,720 --> 00:01:54,899
very streamlined operation, so no it's a pleasure to work with them. It's

00:01:54,899 --> 00:01:59,460
ian easy product to work with it's versatile you can use it in so many

00:01:59,460 --> 00:02:04,049
different variations I like the product very much because of the ability to be

00:02:04,049 --> 00:02:09,390
able to scale it up or scale it down or a small operation and to be able to pull

00:02:09,390 --> 00:02:14,819
and prep a job with no real need for anything - even though like I

00:02:14,819 --> 00:02:18,780
said before the large - that twenty by eighty you know we we had a three

00:02:18,780 --> 00:02:24,300
thousand square foot facility that's small by American standards, but to be

00:02:24,300 --> 00:02:29,370
able to do and at twenty by eighty in a fifteen hundred square foot

00:02:29,370 --> 00:02:34,050
warehouse is you couldn't do it with another system and that's what's

00:02:34,050 --> 00:02:36,590
great about it

beMatrix Rental Frames

Hunter Expositions is proud to offer beMatrix frames for rental in Canada. Regardless of exhibit size, show frequency, location or budget, Hunter Expositions offers affordable trade show booth rental options. Do you need a few beMatrix panels to finish off a changed floorplan, or need local experienced labor to set it up?   Avoid the shipping costs, drayage and hassle, and rent a local beMatrix system to fit your space and graphics, or we can provide original design graphics. We can also provide short-term storage so that you can maximize your ROI on existing displays.

The Benefits of the beMatrix Modular System Mean You Have Options

We can customize your tradeshow booth design using the full catalog of beMatrix frames, panels, lightboxes, LEDskins, and accessories. beMatrix panel infills, either hard or textile, deliver a sleek finished look. The system is toolless, allowing for quick installation and setup, as well as providing stability. The wide variety of beMatrix frames and panels are durable, lightweight, customizable, easy to install, and have a low storage profile.

beMatrix Frames and Panels

bematrix frame In addition to standard frames, there are curved options to help achieve a design that will stand out on the trade show floor.

beMatrix Lightboxes

bematrix lightbox beMatrix single or double-sided lightboxes are easily integrated and can be perfectly aligned with the frames and panels without the need for tools. They can be used as stand-alone elements or mounted on baseplates.

beMatrix "LEDskins" & Tiles

bematrix led The revolutionary beMatrix LEDSkins are used in straight, curved, or corner variations to achieve endless possibilities and a seamless, unique look.

beMatrix iZi Range : modular furniture for your exhibits

beMatrix iZi Range : modular furniture for your exhibitsiZi-range has the same DNA as the beMatrix frames, with flexibility and modularity being the key words.

Create New Experiences for your customers with beMatrix pop-IN

Create New Experiences for your customers with beMatrix pop-INAlways evolving, be-Matrix offers new possibilities for your clients with its latest interior Pop-IN solutions.

beMatrix Lighting Solutions : light up your stand with SAM and Track Light systems

beMatrix Lighting Solutions : light up your stand with SAM and Track Light systemsPut your stand in the spotlight with our lighting solutions. Discover our SAM lights and Track Light System.

Let our experience work for you! Hunter Expositions can manage and coordinate all of the moving parts in your trade show planning process; we offer complete support services and can effectively execute end-to-end solutions for you.