What’s open, what’s closed, where do I stand, what should I do??
Clients will have questions, and clear, communicative, well-designed signage is the answer.

Temporary floor stickers

Floor stickers and decals are essential for informing your clients and employees on procedures and proper distancing. 

Commercial windows signs

Attract and inform passerbys that you are open for business with custom designed commercial window signs for your office, retail store, or restaurant.

Outdoor promotional flags and banners

We can design a wide variety of versatile outdoor signage options. We offer a wide variety of promotional flags and hanging banners in different sizes and shapes for your signage needs.

Outdoor hanging banners of all sizes with grommets to fasten

(Put welcome back visual?)

Outdoor promotional flags of all shapes and sizes, including teardrop promotional flags.

12ft   10 ft   8ft

Outdoor half wall dividers of different widths with double-sided prints

Outdoor foldable banner signage with double-sided prints

We offer a wide variety of graphic banner stands and light boxes

Including single or double-sided visuals printed on dye-sublimated fabrics for your signage needs. Graphic stands can be enhanced with branding, visuals, procedures, and even backlit for maximum impact.

We are used to change and we can help you adapt!

Hunter Expositions has been building temporary structures for trade shows and special events all over North America for more than 30 years. We are used to change and we can help you adapt! We offer quality installation services upon request. Need help designing or reorganizing your workspace? Contact us today for your Free Consultation.