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Adapting Your Workplace for Change

Adapting Your Workplace for Change

The idea that we all need to adapt the way we think, live and work should not be a new concept to us. We have always progressed, improved, changed and evolved in fashion, music, culture, budgets, and technologies.  

Presently, a new factor in our lives, COVID-19, is once again driving change forward. Only this time, these changes need to be realized fast and remain as affordable and functional as possible. Businesses about to reopen and all of our safety demands it! 

What could be a better time than now, to re-evaluate your changing needs and adapting to meet those needs head-on? 

Here are the types of workplace solutions and implementations that many workplaces now need to meet health and safety guidelines respecting safe distancing and hygiene protocols. 

Office Dividers and Protective Barriers for Office, Retail, and Production 

Offices need to be reconfigured for safety as employees return to their physical workplaces. Office dividers and plexiglass desk dividers allow for a closer, collaborative approach to your colleagues, while remaining safe. Solutions need to be considered for individual workstations, shared workspaces, conference rooms, and cafeterias.  Production facilities need protective barriers between employee stations. Safe interaction in retail stores and at service counters require a variety of plexiglass barrier options to ensure social distancing. Flexibility is key when designing a solution that can adapt to your evolving needs. 

Restaurant Dividers 

Even in our “new normal” customer experience is key, and a warm, inviting atmosphere needs to be maintained.  You don’t need to sacrifice design for safety.  Consider the protective barriers needed at greeting points, cashier locations, at individual tables and booths and between them.   

Restaurant divider walls and plexiglass table dividers are designed for maximum protection, but can also be enhanced with printed designs, laminate finishes, or see-through materials. Modularity and flexibility should be designed in, as requirements and preferred placement may change over time. 

Hygiene Station Stands 

Accessible hand hygiene stations are an essential part of reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These stations can be functional and also be seamlessly integrated into your workplace or restaurant with branded visuals, lightbox options, and custom pop-up welcome stations. Consider portability and flexibility as the preferred placement of these hygiene station stands may evolve as you resume your normal operations. 

Outdoor Promotional Flags and Banners and Commercial Window Signs

What’s open, what’s closed, where do I stand, what should I do? 

Clients will have questions, and clear, communicative, well-designed signage is the answer. Commercial window signage will inform passerbys that you are back in business.  You can attract others with welcoming outdoor promotional flags, hanging and standing banners fully integrated with your branding and visuals.   

Floor Stickers and Interior Banner Stands 

Floor stickers and decals are essential for informing your clients and employees on procedures and proper distancing.  Graphic stands can be enhanced with branding, visuals, procedures, and even backlit for maximum impact. 

Modular Wall Systems 

Modular walls and half walls are beneficial in many ways.  They are available in a variety of materials from PVC, aluminum, steel, fabric, and plexiglas.  They can be deployed quickly, are easy to assemble, and are lightweight.  Rentals are available for shorter term needs, and they can also be purchased when permanent solutions are required.  Modular wall systems can provide coronavirus containment in healthcare environments, workplaces, restaurants, and gyms.   

A New First Impression 

In the scramble to adhere to government regulations, many businesses created makeshift, temporary signs and structures.  Now that we know that this “new normal” is here to stay for the long haul, more thought needs to be put into the return experience your customers, clients, and employees will have. 

Integrated, inviting design and structure, communication, and a helpful mindset…all of the things that say “Welcome back, we missed you, we understand what you need and we have addressed it. We get it, we appreciate you and want you to come back often.  How do you like us now?” 

Contact Hunter Expositions for a Free Consultation 

Design and planning do not need to be complicated or permanent or take very much time. Workplace solutions do not need to be expensive, require construction or special building permits.  

Hunter Expositions has been building temporary structures for trade shows and special events all over North America for more than 30 years. We are used to change and we can help you!  

As a beMatrix Canada representative, we have access to a variety of flexible and innovative modular components that can be configured to your specific requirements. 


We offer quality installation services upon request. 

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