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Discover Scenario®: An Affordable and Flexible Wall Solution for Small Exhibition Design

When it comes to small exhibition design, having a wall system that can be endlessly reused, repurposed and reconfigured can be a game-changer. Scenario® is a practical and affordable modular wall system that offers a new way of designing small-scale exhibits. With Scenario®, you get more flexibility for your small exhibition designs; it can adapt to any angle, orientation, layout or height to promote interesting exhibition designs on a small budget. Let me tell you a little more about the Scenario® modular wall system offered at Hunter Expositions.

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What is the Scenario® Wall System?

Scenario® is a modular wall system sold by Hunter Expositions, but manufactured by MBA in Germany. This wall system is made up of individual panels that effortlessly connect to form displays in any shape, size, and layout. Originally designed for trade show purposes, this flexible and customizable system can offer a temporary, affordable, practical, and scalable solution for art exposition planning. Its versatility allows for swift adjustments and adaptations to meet diverse spatial needs. Easy to put together and portable, the system can be effortlessly set up, taken down, and stowed away in just a short amount of time, making event organization a breeze.

Scenario® finds its place in a variety of settings, serving as an ideal solution for temporary art installations in lobbies, libraries, schools, small museums and galleries, as well as office spaces and trade fairs.

What Are the Benefits of Scenario® for Small Exhibition Design?

There are several advantages to using the Scenario® modular wall system for the small exhibition design. In my opinion, here are the five most important that any exhibition designer should look for in a portable wall solution:

1. Affordable

Scenario® presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction or fixed wall installations. It offers a professional and customizable display solution without the hefty price tag associated with permanent structures. With built-in features such as sound absorption, PVC edge banding, and class-A fire-rated finishing, Scenario® ensures top quality without compromising your budget.

2. Flexible and adaptable

Scenario® lets you easily experiment with different configurations to optimize the use of available space. Thanks to its simple peg connection system and full-height walls or stackable panels, you’ll be able to experiment with wall angles and heights to better maximize your small exhibition design to the specific needs of your event. What’s more, the panels can be completely covered with digital print graphics.

3. Easy to install and repurpose

Designed with a hassle-free, swift setup in mind, the Scenario® modular wall system is particularly beneficial for temporary events where time and budget are important. With toolless assembly and disassembly, you can focus more on the content and experience rather than complex installation processes.

4. Expandable

Scenario® is perfectly suited to the challenges posed by evolving content and changing spaces faced by small-scale or traveling exhibits. Thanks to the peg connector system, you can easily modify the configurations of your small exhibits, adding additional panels as your needs grow.

5. Transportable

Being able to painlessly transport exhibit materials is a concern for any traveling show, especially with factors like storage at play. Scenario® shines with its lightweight, transportable components that can be stored compactly and securely in a mobile flight case. Pack and move these portable walls for small exhibits from one venue to the next with the utmost efficiency.

Flexible modular wall system for small exhibition design

How Does Scenario® Compare with Other Solutions?

When it comes to small exhibition design, traditional on-site construction often incurs high costs associated with labour, materials, and time and is less environmentally friendly. The Scenario® modular wall system is more cost-effective for small exhibit design due to its streamlined assembly process, reusable components, and countless customization choices. Let’s take a deeper look at how Scenario® sets itself apart from other exhibits, galleries, and museum solutions:

1. Material Costs

Traditional construction often involves significant material expenses, as it requires the purchase of materials such as drywall and wood or steel studs. In contrast, the Scenario® Wall System is light in construction thanks to the honeycomb core filling, providing a high durability-to-weight ratio. This design ensures the same robust stability as traditional construction but at a fraction of the cost.

2. Labour Costs

Labour costs in traditional construction tend to be higher due to the skilled work required for tasks like framing and other specialized construction work. Scenario® takes an intuitive approach, allowing for a straightforward installation process without additional costs. The do-it-yourself assembly is facilitated by an easy-to-understand plug-in connector system, eliminating the need for complex tools or specialized manpower.

3. Installation Time

Traditional construction projects are often subject to long lead times and meticulous planning. Alternatively, Scenario® is designed for quick and easy assembly, providing a wall system solution that promises the same visual appeal and structural integrity as a permanent structure. This is beneficial for small exhibits working on a tight deadline and requiring swift deployment.

4. Variability and Adaptability

Traditional structures are rigid and restricted by fixed angles, limiting creativity and adaptability. Making changes or reconfiguring the layout can be time-consuming and costly. The Scenario® Wall System, on the other hand, stands out for its flexibility, allowing for infinite adjustments to be made, ranging from 0 to 360 degrees. Designed to be easily reconfigured, it provides a seamless solution for changing layouts or exhibits without the need for significant reconstruction. Wall modules can be arranged in various dynamic ways, in linear, angled and polygonal layouts and at different heights, opening up a world of design possibilities.

Scenario® – A Large-Scale Solution for Small Exhibition Designs

In the exhibition world, every exhibit has a unique set of design demands, and finding a solution that adapts to the needs of each showcase while respecting budget and time constraints is imperative. Available at Hunter Expositions, the Scenario® Wall System takes this to task, offering a sustainable, affordable, attractive, and versatile display solution that seamlessly moulds into your creative vision. Elevate your exhibits, captivate your audience, and embrace all that Scenario® has to offer to make your next exhibition a resounding success.

Hunter Expositions is pleased to offer the Scenario® modular wall system to art galleries, small museums, and other organizations looking for an affordable and easy-to-install moveable wall solution. I invite you to find out more about our solutions for galleries and museums and to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

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